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How to rent an apartment in Miami for a certain period?

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How to rent an apartment in Miami for a certain period? 

In this article we will talk about the terms of renting an apartment in Miami , about the features and nuances that are important for everyone who plans to stay in this wonderful place for a certain time. We received a consultation on this matter from the agent Miroslava Mutsei, a specialist who is familiar with the topic firsthand.

So, there are three types of rental apartments in Miami : 

– short-term rental apartments in Miami (the most not beloved by landlords, by the way) from several days to several weeks; 

– medium – term rental apartments in Miami – from one to six months; 

– long-term apartment rental in Miami – from six months to a year or more. 

Renting an apartment in Miami for a short period: features

It is important to know that there are some restrictions that apply to the real estate that is leased for a short term in the United States.Renting an apartment in Miami for a short period provides that the property owner registers the property with the tax department and will pay a tax of 6% of the rent. Often, property owners put in a large amount of rent in order not to lose on tax payments. In some cities in Miami, local authorities “attribute” additional claims for real estate that is leased for a short term. For example, in Miami-Dade County, in addition to the usual state tax, property owners may be charged 6 percent of the rent. Therefore, carefully read the contract: after all, it can be spelled out that it is the tenant of an apartment in Miami who is obliged to pay this tax. 

Choosing an apartment in Miami for rent for a short periodThere is no reason to sacrifice the most ordinary safety rules and choose a home in which there are no elementary technical fire-fighting equipment. Pay attention to this side of the issue. 

Renting an apartment in Miami for three months or less is prohibited in some cities. This is due to the fact that local residents complain about the noise in the administration. To prevent the flow of miserable, and after him and litigation, the authorities of some cities have gone for such restrictions. Therefore, renting an apartment in Miami for a short period is not always possible, study the question. Note that all the necessary information on this subject can be obtained from the agent Miroslava Mutsey.

In particular, if you are a tourist who plans to have a rest in the USA, without forgetting about noisy parties, then you better focus on finding detached houses for these purposes. Renting houses in Miami for a short time is a fairly common phenomenon, but it is not always easy to achieve what you want – the demand in this segment of services is significant, sometimes exceeding supply. 

If you are only interested in an apartment in Miami for a short time , then look for offers in condos. True, there are not so many such buildings, and renting an apartment in Miami for a short term is allowed in no more than 5 percent of the total apartment stock. In some cases, condos adapt to cheap hotels in Miami.

What else do you need to know if there is a need to rent an apartment in Miami for a short time ? As a rule, in such cases, the lease is not drawn up. In the US, there is a practice when tenants live in apartments under the guise of next of kin. This, sometimes, allows you to save money on rent, but neither side is protected. The owner of the apartment is fully responsible for everything that happens on his living space. At the same time, the tenants are not guaranteed that the landlord will not find a replacement for them, by taking someone else at a more favorable price. Thus, renting an apartment in Miami must be accompanied by a documented.

Informal rentals have one more “minus”: tenants will not be allowed to use the pool, gym, sauna, etc. Therefore, in order not to fall into such situations, while chasing cheap housing in Miami, learn about all the nuances from Miroslav Mutsei, an experienced and knowledgeable specialist. 

Rent an apartment in Miami for the medium term

In this situation, the rules, as with short-term rental housing. True, not without nuances, which will be discussed below. So, renting an apartment in Miami for three months and more provides the following advantages over hotels and hotels: 

– you get a full-fledged kitchen, where you can cook for yourself, saving on trips to a restaurant. This is really an advantage if you come to Miami with children;

– if you have planned a trip to the US with two families, then renting an apartment in Miami in this case looks like a very good deal, because I rent one large living space several times cheaper than two hotel rooms. Even the smallest apartment in Miami, except for the double bed, is equipped with folding sofas, which allows all family members to sit free and not feel constrained; 

– Renting a house in Miami is like renting a room in a four-star hotel in terms of comfort. The only drawback here is that the rooms should be cleaned independently, but at your disposal there is a barbecue area, tennis courts, and much more that will allow you to spend your free time with benefit.


renting an apartment in Miami Renting an apartment in Miami for six months or more is considered long-term. In this situation, it is best to use the services of a real estate agent, Miroslava Mutsey. She not only selects the desired housing option, but also helps you quickly and efficiently arrange all the accompanying documents. Thereby it is possible to protect oneself from wrong actions, therefore, and from monetary expenses. 

Renting an apartment for a long time in Miami is carried out through the conclusion of a contract (lease). The rules of action here are as follows: 

– after signing a contract, a deposit payment is made equal to the amount of the monthly payment;

– then you must apply to the association of tenants of the house or village, if it comes to that, you are interested in renting a house in Miami . 

Rental housing in Miami: the rules and nuances

In Florida, and in general in the United States, with high-rise residential complexes there are tenant associations. If you are the owner of an apartment in Miami and plan to rent it out, you can only carry out these actions with the permission of the members of the association. The competence of the association includes many responsibilities, including the maintenance of order, cleanliness in the home, in the local area. Do not stay away from the duties imposed by the association and lodgers.

First, the tenant is obliged to maintain cleanliness in the apartment and residential complex, to keep the property in working condition, both in the apartment and in the whole house. 

Secondly, renting an apartment in Miami is not an easy task, because, as we already wrote above, you need to get permission to move in from the members of the association. What is checked? First of all, the social portrait: conviction, credit history, non-payment of utility bills, etc. Everything about everything can take up to a month of time, and besides, it is necessary to pay from 100 to 200 dollars. 

Third, at the end of the verification procedure for renting an apartment in Miamiyou have not yet fully implemented – an interview is scheduled, during which the tenant is introduced to the rules of living in a residential complex. And only when on hands there is an official permission from the association, you can move into the apartment. 

Rental property abroad, including in the United States, is of three types: 

short-term (from several days to several weeks) 

medium-term (from 1 to 6 months) 

long-term (from 6 months to 1 year)

Short-term rental apartments in the US 

There are certain restrictions and rules according to which the rental of apartments in the United States, including the rental of apartments in Miami for a short period. Firstly, the owner of an apartment or house is obliged to register each property that he rents for a short time in the tax department of the state of Florida. The tax on short-term rentals is 6%. The authorities of the county or city in which the property is located may also submit additional requirements relating, inter alia, to the payment of taxes.

Thus, the Miami-Dade County, in addition to the standard Florida state tax, charges an additional 6% of the amount received by the owner for a short-term lease. Some counties require the owner to obtain a local license confirming that the property has been inspected and meets all necessary standards, for example, all necessary fire safety systems must be installed in a residential area.

In some cities (for example, North Miami Beach) generally prohibit short-term rental properties. This is due to discontent and complaints from local residents. Upon admission to the administration of a complaint from neighbors, the apartment owner may be subject to penalties. The fact is that short-term rental apartments in the United States are most suitable for tourists, who often organize noisy parties than disturb the peace of people living behind the wall. The same circumstance can be explained by the fact that many condominiums – multi-storey residential buildings – also prohibit owners from renting out apartments for short periods.

Short-term rental apartments in Miami are officially allowed only in some condos. There are few such buildings – about 5% of the total. As a rule, such buildings function as hotels, possessing the appropriate infrastructure.

In most cases, short-term rental apartments in the United States is carried out without a contract, and tenants are settled in the room under the guise of guests or relatives. It should be borne in mind that in this case none of the parties is protected by a formal contract. The landlord – the landlord – is fully responsible for everything that can happen to his apartment. Wanting to protect himself, he can only take the insurance deposit and copies of passports from the tenants. On the day of departure, the security deposit is returned to the tenants. The lodgers, in turn, have no guarantees that the landlord will not hand over the property to someone else, at a better price. Therefore, if you are interested in renting property abroad, we still advise you to enter into a written agreement with the owner of the apartment or house.

Another possible consequence of “informal” rent for tenants is the lack of access to the pool, beach or sports hall located in the condominium. As a rule, not all apartment buildings have very strict security guards. If the landlord notifies everyone in advance that relatives have come to him, then the tenants will not have any problems. In a private house, the situation is even simpler – do not disturb the peace of neighbors, and your vacation will not be overshadowed by anything. 

Thus, despite some difficulties, short-term rental apartments in the United States, including rental apartments in Miami, are ubiquitous. At the same time, both parties are satisfied. Pay attention to the nuances listed above if you plan to rent or rent an apartment or house in Miami for a short time.Mid-term rent of apartments in the USA §In this case, the same rules apply as for a short-term lease, but a formal contract is possible. Renting an apartment in Miami has its advantages, compared with accommodation in a hotel room: 

1. Availability of a full-fledged kitchen. Accordingly, you can save on food, because there will be no need to go 3 times a day to a restaurant. This is especially important if you are relaxing with children, as you have the opportunity to prepare the necessary dishes for them.

2. If you come with friends, for example, two married couples, then renting an apartment in Miami will cost less than 2 hotel rooms. In a standard apartment with one bedroom and living room, as a rule, in addition to one double bed, there are also folding sofas. Thus, in one apartment you can easily accommodate four people, thereby saving on accommodation. 

3. Hotel-type houses are not inferior in terms of comfort to four-star hotels. The only difference is that the cleaning in the apartment lies on the stoves of the residents themselves. Typically, in residential complexes there is a sauna, gym, business center, party room, barbecue area, swimming pools, tennis courts, Valet parking system, etc.Long-term rental apartments in the US §Long-term rental apartments in the United States – is renting an apartment or house for a period of 6 months to 1 year. If you are planning to rent a house for the long term, then you are best to use the services of a professional realtor. Our company, representing you as a tenant, will help you rent an apartment in Miami and arrange all the necessary documents. 

Rent apartments in Miami for a long time, as a rule, carried out on the basis of a formal contract. At the time of its signing, the future tenant makes a deposit in the amount of the monthly fee. After the lease agreement is signed by both parties, the tenant must submit all necessary documents to the association of the building or the village (if a private house is rented). 

So, rent an apartment in Miamiit is not only the payment of the rental value, but also a deposit equal to the amount of the monthly rental payment. In some residential complexes, residents’ associations practice the collection of the so-called insurance premium. This is a kind of payment for the safety of common property. This practice applies only to temporary residents. 

Some apartment owners in Miami are going to meet their customers. They allow you to transfer your deposit to the association, thereby, easing your financial burden. It is worth noting that this money is returned at the end of the period of stay in a rented apartment. The deposit is credited to the current account of the former tenant after 15 days, i.e. all this time, the owner of real estate in Miamichecks if something is broken in his absence. 

In some cases, the deposit is not returned in full, i.e. part of it is spent on minor repairs, cleaning the premises. 

Renting an apartment in Miami is also your responsibility. Before you move in, you must inspect the apartment and enter all the defects noted in the corresponding document. This will protect yourself from losing a portion of the deposit money. 

Real estate in Miami for rent in every way is protected by their owners. For example, to protect yourself from a premature termination of a lease, the landlord in Miamimay ask for an additional 12 month stay. It turns out that before moving into an apartment, its tenant will have to make three monthly payments, one of which will be returned to him upon completion of the contract. At the same time, if the owner of an apartment in Miami did not transfer his deposit to the association, then the tenant will have to make four monthly payments, which is very expensive. Upon completion of the lease, two payments are returned to the tenant. 

All these nuances can be discussed with the landlord. There is a chance that he will agree to accept two deposits from you, but he will refuse to pay the deposit for the last month. Yes, and do not forget that you must pay rent on time – at the beginning of each new month. In any case, consider all sorts of options.

How to move to a rented apartment in Miami? 

Renting an apartment in Miami means that you are settled correctly. If you have a lot of things, there is furniture, then book an elevator in advance. Do not forget to warn the association of residents and transfer deposit money there. This is usually the amount of 100 to 500 dollars. In case you damaged the elevator or any other property of the house, the damage will be calculated from this money. 

During the interview in the association, ask the rules of introduction. The fact is that in some residential complexes it is prohibited to transport furniture on weekends. But on weekdays carrying furniture can be carried out until 17.00. Similar requirements and on leaving the apartment in Miami .

Rental Property Abroad – the rules require

It should be noted that in the state of Florida in all high-rise buildings and in many villages, consisting of private houses or townhouses, there are so-called Associations of Owners. As a rule, it meets once a year. All property owners in this residential complex are members of the Association. At the meeting, the President is elected, the Treasurer and the rest of the leadership, the budget for the next fiscal year is adopted. The management is obliged to monitor the execution of the budget, and appoints the Managing Company, which deals with all technical issues related to the maintenance of houses.

The tasks of the Management Company include the maintenance of normal operation of the life support systems of the building or village – water pipes, sewage, air conditioning and lighting, as well as the protection of the building and the adjacent territory, cleaning of common areas, pool maintenance, cutting, watering grass and trees, etc. 

In addition, the Management Company monitors the implementation of the rules of a condominium or village by all residents of the complex. The rules of the Association were worked out during voting at a meeting of owners of apartments or houses in order to ensure the most comfortable living conditions for owners. It should be noted that usually the rules of the Association in an apartment complex are much stricter than in a village with private houses.

Renting an apartment in Miami imposes certain obligations on the tenant. A tenant who rents an apartment or house in a residential complex must follow the rules of the Association of a building or village and is responsible not only for the safety of the property of the apartment rented by him, but also of the property of general use (elevators, swimming pools, etc.).

After receiving the necessary documents from the potential tenant, the Management Company or the Owners Association must give its approval and permission to rent an apartment. Usually, the presence of a criminal record, the credit history of the future lodger is checked, and it is also determined whether there were compulsory evictions for non-payment of rent, etc. The term for checking a potential tenant is from two to four weeks from the time of application. The cost of this procedure is from 100 to 200 dollars. After checking all the data, a formal interview is scheduled, during which the tenant will be familiarized with the rules of the Association. Until receipt of official permission, the tenant has no right to move into an apartment.Rental apartments in the United States. Rent payment and deposits §In addition to the rent for the first month, the Tenant, as a rule, makes a Security Deposit, also equal to the monthly installment, as a payment for the safety of the property in the apartment or house. It should be noted that the Owners Association may additionally ask another temporary deposit from the temporary resident to ensure the safety of the common use property. 

The owner of the apartment can meet you halfway and transfer your Security Deposit to the Association. In this case, at the end of the lease term and in the absence of claims to you by the Association, she returns this deposit to the landlord. He, in turn, checks the apartment or house that was rented, and, in the absence of complaints, is obliged to return this deposit to you within 15 days from the day you leave the apartment.

The deposit can be used by the owner to remove minor damages to the property (for example, cleaning the carpet, spot painting the walls, if there were scratches during your stay, etc.). When moving into an apartment or house, the tenant, together with the owner, must necessarily fill out and sign an official form in which it is necessary to indicate already existing defects. Thus, you can hedge against the loss of the deposit.

In order to protect himself from the premature termination of the lease contract, the landlord, as a rule, asks to pay in addition for the last, 12th month of residence. The result is that under a standard rental contract, prior to moving into a house or apartment, the Tenant must pay 3 monthly payments, one of which will be returned to him by the owner after the termination of the contract, if the property of the apartment or Condominium was not damaged. 

If the landlord has not transferred his Security Deposit to the Association, and the tenant had to pay the deposit himself, then the total amount will consist of 4-month payments, two of which will be returned at the end of the lease agreement.

It should be noted that all this can be discussed in the negotiation process, and, perhaps, the owner will agree to 2 deposits and will not charge you in advance for the last month of the lease. Rent is paid once a month, usually on the 1st day of each month. Other options are possible. The rent does not include payment for electricity.Moving to a new apartment §When settling in an apartment building, and planning to transport or purchase furniture, it is necessary to book an elevator in advance and transfer to the Association a deposit check in the amount of $ 100 to $ 500, depending on the building rules. If in the process of moving and unloading furniture the equipment (elevator) and other property of the building was not damaged, this amount will be returned. At the interview in the Association, it is necessary to clarify the rules of moving, because in many buildings the loading of furniture is prohibited on weekends, and on weekdays it is limited in time, for example, to 17 hours. The same applies to leaving the building at the end of the rental contract. 

On our website, in the real estate search section, you will find a huge number of long-term lease options.

You can search on the map of Miami by specifying the name of a street or residential complex in the advanced search. 

After you have selected several options for yourself – contact us and we will assist you in further negotiations with the owner and registration of all necessary formalities. 

Have a good search!

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