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Renting an apartment in Miami: 11 theses you need to know about

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Renting an apartment in Miami: 11 theses that you need to know

In the USA, in particular, in Miami has developed its own system of renting residential real estate. Knowing all the nuances will simplify the task, bypassing many of the “pitfalls” for those people who have planned a trip to the USA and need temporary housing – a regular apartment, and not a motel room. The recommendations of this account is shared by the agent of the company Wolsen Real Estate Miroslav Mutsei. For all questions, you can contact her through WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and enter her work number +17743683033 into your smartphone. So, what does Miroslav want to tell?

Renting an apartment in Miami: 11 theses you need to know about

Thesis number 1

Having decided on the budget that will be spent on rental housing in Miami , examine the area of ​​residence. Remember that apartment prices in Miami are directly proportional to the prestige and security of the area. 

Thesis №2

If you are satisfied with renting an apartment in Miami through an agency, then you should know that agents will require cash compensation for their services, which varies from 10 to 15 percent of the rent per year. You can save this money if you ask an agent to find you an apartment in a condominium. In this case, the agent pays the fee to the agent. A similar situation, if you ask to remove cooperative housing in Miamihowever, you will have to pay for the interview in the Board (Board). The amount of payment – from 200 to 500 dollars. 

Thesis №3 

Rent an apartment in Miami for a short time can be independently, without resorting to the services of specialists. However, be prepared for difficulties. Advertisements in newspapers – rent of residential real estate in Miami – are replete with abbreviations of words, therefore, insufficient language skills will not allow you to choose, rent an apartment for rent in Miami on the conditions shown by you. At least, it will be much harder to do this, as practice shows. 

Thesis number 4

There is another common way to rent an apartment in Miami for a short time: to conclude an agreement with the tenant of the rented housing for the time he left the apartment. This practice is permitted by law if it is written in the lease agreement. However, you, as a tenant, are required to have a good knowledge of English and American law. 

Thesis number 5

So, you know what apartment you are renting for in Miami , you have an oral agreement with its owner, but this is not enough. Rental Property in Miami, as well as throughout the world, is documented, through a special contract. In America, it is also called a contract. The contract has a standard form, but on its last pages you can find text in small print. It contains very important points. Do not be lazy to read them, study, “try on” for yourself, compare with American legislation. 

At the time of signing the contract, you will also need a certificate confirming your financial viability – international bank reference. 

Thesis №6 

Renting an apartment in Miami through the signing of a lease is a common practice. When compiling this document, remember that it should contain the following information: 

– the name, surname and address of the registration of the landlord and tenant;

– the cost of rent and the term of its payment; 

– amount of security (security deposit); 

– time of the contract; 

– description of the apartment in Miami , which is leased (and also the property is transferred); 

– whose duties – the landlord or tenant – include the payment of utilities; 

– the possibility of extending the lease term; 

– the possibility of sublease. 

Miroslav Mutsey warns that it is important to state in the document the amount of rent and the annual percentage of its growth.

Renting an apartment in Miami: 11 theses you need to know about

Thesis number 7

Make a rent in a timely manner. It is better to do it in the first week of each month. Violation of this rule threatens you with eviction. In the worst case, renting an apartment in Miami can result in monetary losses for you – payment of a penalty from a deposit made in advance. 

Thesis number 8

Do not forget to write on the check that confirms the deposit, write that the cash deposit must be returned – deposit refundable for apartment. In the contract list, also, that your duties do not include the payment of property tax, as well as insurance premiums for the building. In addition, in the contract, leave a note stating that the deposit fee is not stored with rental payment. It would be nice to immediately indicate the bank account number so that it can later be withdrawn, and even with interest. 

Thesis number 9

Remember, if you initially signed a contract in which you are given an apartment rental in Miami for 1 year, and after this time you plan to continue living in the same apartment, the landlord has every right to increase the rent by at least four percent. If the contract for rental housing in Miami for 2 years was drawn up, in this case, the amount of the fee could rise to 6 percent. Renting an apartment in Miami for 3 years is a reason for the landlord, at the end of the old contract, to draw up a new document with an increase in the amount of the rental rate by 10 percent! Consider these points! 

Thesis number 10

So, renting an apartment in Miami is cheap for you, but that’s not all. For real estate in Miami to remain yours, you must: 

– pay your rent in Miami in a timely manner .

– apartment in Miami should be kept clean and tidy; 

– a rental apartment in Miami for a short time is not the place where you can make noise from 22.00 to 8.00 in the morning; 

– you can not rent an apartment in Miami office; 

– Apartments in Miami , as a rule, are rented with furniture and appliances, the breakdowns of which, if this happens, should be immediately reported to the owner. 

Thesis number 11 

Agent Miroslav Mutsey warns that a month before the apartment is vacated in Miami, you must warn the landlord about it. If you do not, then there is a chance that you simply will not return the insurance premium.

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