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Buying commercial and residential real estate in Miami

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Buying a commercial property in Miami is a good investment. Own hotel in one of the largest resort cities is a guaranteed stable income and the possibility of obtaining American citizenship. 

If necessary, it is possible to take a mortgage, and banks are willing to pay up to 60% of the cost of the house. Getting a loan is not associated with any difficulties. It is enough to submit a document confirming the income in Russia.

An increasing number of our compatriots who want to invest in commercial real estate, make their choice in favor of buying bars or restaurants abroad. The USA is the most favorable country for running your own business. It is characterized by a stable economy, legislation that works for the benefit of people, the protection of citizens’ rights, and loyal attitude towards foreigners. Therefore, investing in the purchase of your own restaurant will be profitable, bringing a steady income for a long time.

Buying commercial and residential real estate in Miami

Pick up housing, fully consistent with their own ideas about comfortable living, as well as financial opportunities, will help employees of agencies whose specialization includes rental housing in the United States. You can choose the option still at home, on the company’s website, where there is the most detailed description of the apartment, photos and other necessary information. 

Prices for houses, as well as for construction sites are different. It all depends on the features of the building and area, the location of the site. 

From the foregoing, it becomes obvious that a house in Miami is a great solution for those who are puzzled by the acquisition of real estate abroad.

Acquisition of a hotel in the USA is possible both by an individual and a legal entity. The transaction is accompanied by a realtor and is not associated with any obstacles or difficulties. The main thing is to contact a company that has a good reputation and this will allow you to easily become the owner of your own profitable business.

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